Chemical and
Petrochemical Industry

im Chemical Pre  and Final Filtration
     alt Acids, Caustic Solutions, Solvents,  
Aggressive Product Filtration
     alt Monomers, Polimers, Inorganic Solutions,Corrosive Products, Aggressive Solution
     alt Hydraulic Fluids, Silicone, Mineral Oil, Lubricants, Additives, Emulsions, Esters,
Polyurethanes,Resins  Effluent, Waste Water Filtration
     alt Fatty Acids, Organic Solvents, Raw Materials Filtration
     alt Amine Sweetening, Glycol Dehydration
im Process Water Filtration
im Rinsing Water Filtration
im RO Pre-Filtration
im Quench Water, Aqueous Salt Solutions
im Desalination
im Intermediate Product Clarification
im High Purity Chemicals,  BleachPolimers
im Fine Chemicals
im Catalyst Recovery
im Sterile Air Applications (Tank Venting etc.)
im Aerosol Products
im Herbicides and Pestisides
im Toxic/Hazardous Products
im Sterile Fluids
im DI Pre Filtration